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AlettaOceanEmpire.com is the official home page of teen sex porn starlet Aletta Ocean aka Aletta Alien, Doris! It's about world domination, baby! Check out her personal place on the web where she fulfills her naughtiest sex fantasies, from monster cock dildo masturbation to hardcore moresomes and sizzling anal sex videos! See uncut hd videos and hi res pictures Ė and donít miss her real life footage!


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Watch my everyday habits and routines... When it comes to beauty and body care, I have my own ways. First I take a really hot shower and then I gently rub body dry, stroking my skin tenderly with light hands... Okay, okay, sometimes I could not resist the temptation to play with myself a bit, but you don't have to...


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Aletta Ocean is like an animal on the hunt and her prey is cock! When I'm in a naughty mood, I'm like an animal on the hunt and my prey is cock! I'm checking if this bar can offer me any fuckable males... I begin with a deepthroat blowjob in the toilet, but one guy is not enough for me! I'm heading to the empty cocktail bar...


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I'm heading to a swingers' party with my girlfriend Aleksa. I love to party with her, we usually end up drunk, giggling, and fucking each other in the toilet. This time we started our party with a sensual lesbian dance... that happened to be so mind-blowing that most of the guys got a hard-on right away. We only had to choose...


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Aletta Ocean was strutting in the alley waiting for a "customer" to come. She knew it was her lucky night as she saw Kristian Devil approaching her. Clothes came off and after sucking on that stiff cock and getting her juicy cunt licked, Aletta got fucked hard in her ass right there in the alley.


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Like a wild and fiery animal, I am trapped behind these bars, waiting for the real man whom I could seduce with my tremendous beauty and hunger... do you dare to enter this fearful hunting territory? If so, prepare for an insatiable appetite and a wicked gal who simply loves sex!


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Aletta Ocean is a really talented lawyer. She knows how to reconcile people. Aletta Ocean's theory is that a a good cocksucking and a hot double penetration makes everyone happy! Watch Csoky and Greg fuck Aletta Ocean in her shaved cunt and tight asshole, and then cum on her cute butt and pretty face. Real hot stuff!


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It's almost closing time but these party chicks are not bothered at all. They dance furiously, rubbing to each other, touching those sexy bodies... How will this crazy night end? You'll never guess: by Doris taking a plunge into Larissa's pussy, wrist deep! Enter Aletta Ocean Empire to see this movie now!


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Aletta Ocean is not just a cock-hungry bitch but she's a sporty girl too, so we're heading to the nearby hills for a walk... or for something else?! As we're left alone on the tourist road, Aletta Ocean unzips my pants and grabs my cock... her insatiable sexial appetite is bigger than her love of nature, so it seems! Enjoy our POV...


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Oh yes, this cock-crazy bitch is back, and she still can say - and moreover, show! - some interesting things to all of us! If you like Angelina Jolie-lookalike Aletta Ocean, don't miss her latest exclusive interview, now on Aletta Ocean Empire! Enter Aletta Ocean Empire to see this movie now!


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